Dead Photo Body Of Christine Lee Shows Her Face Damaged Badly

Dead Photo Body Of Christine Lee

Dead Photo Body Of Christine Lee Shows Her Face Damaged Badly

It has been 2 years since the 16-year-old young girl Christine Lee was brutally murdered on 10 March 2019, the girl was a high school student, serving as a Church collector, dead photo of ni Christine Lee shows her face damaged badly, seemingly the killer used something like Acid on Christine Lee because half of her face was skinned to the skull

The dead body of Christine Silawan was also found with multiple stab wounds, and the young girl was also naked from the waist down when the police found her, it seems that Christine Lee was raped before the killer murdered her

Dead Photo Of Christine Lee

According to the investigation on Christine Silawan's death, she was killed by many stabbing on her body and possibly raped. In the end, she died suffering from multiple injuries of stab wounds in her body, dead photo of Christine Lee revealed that her tongue, trachea, esophagus, some parts of the neck, and right ear were missing

Christine Lee was a Church collector, 16 years old beautiful girl who met with her death on 10 March 2019 after she went missing for some hours on the day she would die, as her father told reporters, the dead photo of Christine Lee seem beyond recognition with more than 20 stab wounds, Autopsy revealed

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