Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal (Blue eyes viral video twitter)

Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal 

Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal (Blue eyes viral video twitter)

After her video went viral like crazy on social media especially Twitter Julia Gwen Osta made a post on her Twitter handle and she a message regarding this drama, we collected Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal responses from many of her followers

Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal got a lot of reacts from many countries around the world, and most people blame her for releasing the video herself which caused a big problem especially in the Philippines, she wrote a short message on her Twitter account on 11 Dec 2021

Watch Julia Gwen Osta Viral Video

Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal

Julia Gwen Osta said: 'Take me back to the days without any worries' and she got many reactions after publishing this note, many of the reactors are saying bad words for her stupid action that she made

But in another way, some claimed the Twitter account doesn't belong to the real Julia Gwen Osta which is fake, and many users opened many Twitter accounts after this incident occurred

Julia scandals eye color different trending on Google and some other internet places, people are typing these words because of Julia Gwen Osta blue eyes which made her different, that's why are calling this matter as Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal

Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal Twitter Account Response

These are responses from many Twitter users on Julia Viral Video that has been watched for millions in the past 4 days, and still, this video has been looking by a lot of people who have yet watched it

 Julia Gwen Osta Viral Video - Julia Gwyneth Osman Scandal

I watched the video. and after watching it I know you have a deep reason for doing it. .but at least you give a statement on it. you may viral today but tomorrow people forgot it . . Ms.Julia it's not too late to correct the mistake.  always pray and believe in him.

Be strong and have faith. I know it’s hard but be strong and dealt with it. Eventually, it’ll heal. Everything has a purpose. Kept the Faith within you and Hope for your fast and strong recovery Julia. God bless you 🙏

You made a choice and you knew the possible consequences that might happen, but you still took the risk. Do you know what I mean? Face the consequences. Di ka na makapag escape nyan and go back sa days na wala ka pang worries.

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